Biking in Stubaital

Kick into gear on a biking vacation in Tyrol


If you like to explore the landscape on two wheels, you will find 720 km of signposted mountain bike routes for every requirement in Stubai. Cycling in Stubaital as well as mountain biking in Stubai is more popular than ever. At your own pace with the wind in your face, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the striking peaks of Stubaital during your biking vacation in Tyrol. On a mountain bike vacation at Hoferwirt in Neustift you will also be well looked after. After an adventurous tour, well and truly with altitude meters or also quite leisurely on the valley floor, the regional delicacies from the Hoferwirt kitchen taste especially good. In the cozy ambience of the historic Stuben, you can review the experiences of your mountain bike vacation in an appropriate setting, whether it's the action-packed downhill fun on the Elfer, the family-friendly bike tour in the Serlesbahnen area, or even the brisk road racing bike tour on the asphalt stretch of the Stubai federal road all the way to the valley station of the Stubai Glacier Lift. In any case, a highlight when biking in Stubai: The Stubai Bike Tour 19 with numerous refreshment stops along the way.


The Elfer, Neustift's local mountain, is considered a real adventure mountain for good reason. This is where the action is when mountain biking in Stubaital, because downhill fans can get their fill here on a biking holiday in Tyrol. The EinsEinser and ZweiZweier trails promise pure pleasure. In addition, stage 7 of the Bikeschaukel Tirol is located on the Elfer. If all this is too fast for you, you will also find happiness thanks to the more leisurely bike tours on the Elfer.


To Elferlifte

Mountainbiken mit Panoramablick


A tour in the Serlesbahnen area in Mieders is a must on a mountain bike holiday! Biking in the Stubaital at the foot of the impressive Serles is always an experience, because nine varied routes are available for mountain biking in the Stubaital. If you don't want to start from the valley, you can even take your bike with you in the cabin of the cable car.


To Serlesbahnen

Mountainbiken mit der Familie

Stubai Bike Tour 19

No matter whether you are on the road bike, the classic mountain bike, the e-bike or even the city runabout when biking in Stubaital, the newly built cycle route 19 is full of variety. On a biking holiday in Tyrol, you can enjoy nature without much effort and with a wonderful view of the mountains, because the Stubai cycle path is asphalted and easily passable from Stackler to Falbeson.


To Stubai Bike Tour 19

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Top of Tyrol

The Stubai Glacier has a highlight in store for particularly ambitious and fit bikers when biking in the Stubai Valley: A visit to the TOP OF TYROL viewing platform at 3,210 metres. The destination for this is the Schaufeljoch mountain station, which also takes hikers and excursion guests to dizzying heights. Having arrived at the Schaufeljoch mountain station, all visitors are united by one thing: the last few metres up the stairs are taken on foot! After a few steps, an incomparable panorama opens up here.

Mountainbiken mit der Familie Mountainbiken mit Panoramablick E-Mountainbiker Paar Mountainbiken mit der Familie

Huts and alpine pastures in Stubaital

Exercise in the fresh mountain air while biking in the Stubaital makes you hungry! Good to know that along the biking routes there are alpine huts and lodges where you can stop for a bite to eat. On a biking holiday in Tyrol, the regional delicacies taste simply excellent and with every bite your own "battery" is recharged for the next adventure on your mountain bike holiday. With a view of the mountains, the sun on your face, exquisite food on your plate and in your glass, the rest becomes an experience for all the senses.

Mountainbiker bei der Jause

E-bike and mountain bike rental

What would biking in Stubaital be without the ideal equipment? Only half as nice! That's why there is an e-bike and mountain bike rental right next to the Hoferwirt which makes the Hoferwirt the perfect base for mountain bike holidays in Tyrol.

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