Snowshoeing and discovering the unspoiled countryside

The intense experiences of nature are simply a dream. Guests to the Stubaital can regain their strength and re-energise with snowshoeing, far from the bustling crowds, through snow-filled forests. Particularly intense experiences of the natural Alpine environment can be enjoyed off the pistes, where nature remains virtually untouched. Snowshoeing through forests with deep snow provides unforgettable impressions. The wildly romantic Stubaital is utterly fascinating and will transport you into a different world...

Discover the forests and the unspoiled countryside.
For ski touring enthusiasts, there are interesting routes in the Schlick 2000 near the imposing Kalkkögel mountain range; winter hikers can enjoy maintained hiking paths especially in the region of the Elfer Mountain – boundless space for snow-shoe hikers. The large, stringed frames on your feet mean that the surface area is large enough for you to hike easily cross-country right through unspoiled forests deep in snow. Here you can experience the winter landscape in a much more intensive way, and discover unique beauty spots.

If you discover the forests via the uncleared paths or pistes, either hiking or on snow-shoes, you experience the landscape in its primordial condition, seeing Nature as only ski touring enthusiasts sometimes do; but with one major difference: ski tourers aim for the summit, whereas for snow-shoe hikers, the journey is the destination.